Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions set out on this page govern the use of the Eanfind.co.uk website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Parties’ definition

EanFind: Eanfind.co.uk Website represented by "TOUS LES PRIX COM".

The User: physical person or computer program using the EanFind website.


EanFind is a price comparison search engine: search engine specialized in product search provided by online shops. During the website browsing, The User will be brought to look at offers from EanFind‘s business partners. This service is not exhaustive and only displays e-shops from EanFind’s business partners.

Personal data

EanFind website can collect internet user’s information, especially during the newsletter subscription: this subscription requires a voluntary email validation from The User. This data file is declared to the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can apply your rights to modify your personal data directly online on the interface available on EanFind.

For an internal utilization of the EanFind website, we can implement cookies on The User’s computer. This cookie is a data file, generally used to make the utilization easier and display personalized data on our website.

Intellectual property

The User has no property right on any part of EanFind. The website belongs exclusively to "TOUS LES PRIX COM".

The User cannot in any case or any way reproduce, represent, release, commercialize, modify or give away any part of one or many reproduced elements on EanFind without previous agreement from EanFind.

Pictures, text, brands and products logo presented on EanFind belongs to their respective registered trademark owners.

Responsibility limits

EanFind presents offers from business partners to The User. EanFind is committed to fix mistakes related to product information from its partners as soon as possible. However, EanFind’s responsibility would not be involved regarding information displayed on its website: price, delivery fees, more generally every information describing a product, or mistaken events. These information are provided by EanFind business partners and transferred online automatically by a computer program.

External links are presented to The User, leading him to EanFind’s business partners. No sales can be done on the EanFind website and its use is free of charge. Furthermore, EanFind responsibility cannot be engaged in any payment or purchase on these business partners’ websites. (Product compliance, delivery delays, after sales service, guaranties...). In any dispute, The User will have to refer directly to the terms and conditions of the e-shop, and to the appropriate courts of law.

EanFind website is accessible depending of its availability and without any express or implicit guarantee.

Price Policy

EanFind displays prices from different countries in order to offer the best prices in Europe. The prices update is made at different periods of time and we obviously cannot have a real-time process: as a consequence, some prices may sometimes differ in our business partners’ shops from what they are on our website. There may be some other information lacking or mistaken, due to technical issues independent from our will.

Out of service, maintenance, exceptional fact, case of force majeure

EanFind would not guarantee its service continuity. It is also the case in exceptional cases such as force majeure, or events independent from its will. However, EanFind will undertake everything to fix bugs or errors that might appear on the website as fast as possible.


In case of litigation, all parties shall refer to the Clermont-Ferrand Commerce Court of Law. (Tribunal de Commerce de Clermont-Ferrand)

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